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Sustainability and Inspiration


The reasons to grow flowers locally are endless, but for me, two are most important.  Firstly, I want to be a part of a change in the floral industry, toward a more sustainable and ecologically sound future.  By supplying local, seasonal flowers to my community, we can work to reverse the wasteful practices that have become the norm.  Using locally grown cut flowers allows us to enjoy fresher flowers, for longer. which segways into reason two nicely. 

My creative inspiration comes from nature.  I'd like to share with you the beauty and wonder I find in natural, sustainably grown flowers and natural materials. By encouraging folks to touch, arrange, and grow flowers on their own I hope to spark a fascination for horticulture and preservation. In this way we can celebrate imperfect natural beauty, share joy and appreciation for home grown flowers, and show love to the natural world around us.

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