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CSA Flower Share

Thanks for your interest in our seasonal CSA flower share!  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It's a great way to get involved in local agriculture, and support farmers! 

When you buy a share in our CSA you are helping us with upfront costs like seeds, infrastructure, and supplies, and in exchange, you receive a weekly share of what is growing in our fields.  Because it is a share, this means that some weeks, there will be a large bounty, but other weeks maybe not so much.  You share in the farm's triumphs and occasionally its failures.  It's all in the name of community and we LOVE that!  If you do too, read on...

Here's how it works; each Thursday, starting when your share starts (spring, summer, fall) a bouquet or bucket will be available for you to pick up at your preferred pickup location between 2 and 6 pm for the entire length of your share.  You pay once, up front, and can enjoy the benefit of local, seasonal blooms every week!