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Moutoux Orchard CSA Flower add on
  • Moutoux Orchard CSA Flower add on


    A 20 week share starting in May (May 14/17) and running through September (Sept 24/27) .  You can grab your bunch of seasonal, local grown flowers on either tuesday or friday pickup day.  


    NOTE! this item is for Moutoux Orchard CSA members only

    • CSA agreement terms

      Once you have purchased your share in full, you have secured your membership.  There are no refunds in part or full should you decide you no longer want your share.  If you’d like, you can transfer your share to another person, however you are responsible for coordinating any monetary transaction with the replacement member.  You are responsible for letting us know of any changes in your share membership.

      Your flowers will be available to pick up between 2pm and 5pm at the Moutoux Barn on Tuesdays or Fridays.  If you are unable to pick up at this time feel free to send a friend or family memeber instead.  While we will try to hold on to your share for 24 hours after the pickup window, we cannot garuntee availibility of your share after the desigated pick up times.  Please understand that while we want to be accomodating, we are a small farm, mainly operated by one person, me, Sage, and small changes and accomodations add up and throw off farm systems and routines! Thank you!

      Farming is unpredictable.  While we try to project availability as accurately as possible, understand that start and end dates may vary based on the season and the weather.  If for some reason we are unable to supply you with your share of flowers, you will be reimbursed for the lapse in flowers.  However, if you are unable to pick up your flowers or miss your pickup for any reason, you will not be reimbursed.  It will be your responsibility to arrange for your flowers to be picked up each week at the designated pick up place and time.

      Part of Community Supported Agriculture is about sharing in our journey.  This means that you will be rewarded with the beautiful abundance of a healthy happy farm, it also means you’ll share in our not so favorable weeks, when mother nature is less forgiving. Understanding that farming is about trial and error and continuous problem solving for ever more favorable results is important when joining our CSA.  Having you involved in our process makes us happy!

        Flowers are a perishable product.  We aim for long lasting flowers, but also live for variety and beauty.  Please understand that depending on the type of flower, vase life can vary from three days to two weeks.  No replacements or refunds will be given once flowers have left the farm.  

    • Cut Flower Care

      1. Remove rubber band and packaging.  They want air and water flow

      2. Recut stems: recutting stems on an angle help open up drinking holes in the stem

      3. Keep em clean:  changing the water every day or two helps extend vase life by keeping bacteria from clogging up drinking holes.

      3. Remove spent blooms.  Different flowers have different vase lives.  It's okay!


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